Wanna buy a Frank Lloyd Wright?

    The Heurtley House in Oak Park, Illinois.

    What some consider the the first fully mature Prairie-style house, and perhaps the finest restored Prairie-style house in existence, is now for sale.

    It's on one of the greatest streets in America, and perhaps the most American great street in this land - Forest Avenue, in Oak Park.

    Just to stand on the sidewalk and look at it, when the sun from the west hits those red bricks atop that green lawn, is to drool, to lose control and to want it. The house seems to sail across the lawn, and across the prairie, attracted to the western sunset like early Americans attracted to California. A manifest of Manifest Destiny.

    Each red roman brick, shaped long and narrow, signifies a person, stacked up together artistically, they form an idea and embark on a voyage. And they do so together, as a house, and "house" is the basis of society.

    It's a far more positive experience this house, than say, "Moby Dick." Is that due to its Midwest nature?

    Yours for $5,750,000. Wonder why they're selling.... ?
    Think of the memories in a room like this...

    I too grew up in a beautiful house. Though not like this. Someday I'll tell you about it. Go ahead. Have at this one. I probably can't swing it on my public radio salary!
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