Old Soldier Fields never die..... they just get "upgraded!"

    Remember when it looked like this?

    I was going through some recent photographs, and I came across one of a friend, who is no longer with us. This old photograph of Soldier Field. Before the renovations.
    Kinda nice, huh? It looks like it comes from a simpler age. And it does.

    Reminds me of the joke about the woman who thinks she is going to die, but at the gates of heaven, Gd tells her, 'It's not your time yet, you have 40 more years.' She feels great about this, and so she decides to get a complete makeover. She'll get plastic surgery everywhere they can do it. Nose job, face lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, I don't know what all they do. All the doctors think she looks fabulous after her renovation. Ready for the modern age! But the day she's leaving the hospital, bam! she gets hit by a car. The poor lady goes up to the gates of heaven again, and she screams at Gd, “Why didn't you pull me away from the car??? I thought you said I’d have another 40 years!!!” And Gd says, “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you.”

    Here's the new Soldier Field

    -Sergeant ESource URL: http://ecleticsergio.blogspot.com/2006/08/old-soldier-fields-never-die.html
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