Target logo on the steps of the Art Museum

    A corporate logo right on the steps of the museum:

    A corporate sponsor of Bruce Mau's exhibition "Massive Change: The Future of Global Design," and of Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, pays enough massive change that they get to plaster their logo on the steps of the museum! Remember when museum steps held dignified journeys up to the knowledge “on top of the hill”?

    See the Targets? It is a massive change.  And probably the future. 

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    Mr. Sullivan, thank you for your gifts.

    Walking around today on this, Louis Sullivan's 150th birthday.

    I ducked into his

    to say hello.

    Carson's department store entrance looks like the entryway to a modern middle ages cathedral, doesn’t it?

    The light through those quatrefoil shaped windows above, changed my mood.
    Took me on a trip, at least to France, if not beyond.
    Like the German expression, I felt as comfortable "as G-d in France!"

    I looked through the glass and felt the generations of urbanistic thought filtered through one artist - Louis Sullivan. His French ancestry came through, as did the nature-based spirit of his contemporaries from Transcendentalist New England.

    Blues and yellows penetrated the glass,
    the ornament was alive and curved sinuously, like

    Jane Avril dancing at the Moulin Rouge

    I danced, back outside, to State Street.
    Chicago in the late summer air
    but only along Louis Sullivan's building,

    felt very Parisian. State Street, 'Boulevard de l’Etat'.

    A street musician blew jazz into the air.
    The notes swirled around Louis' facade.

    I gave him a dollar, and asked him to play 'Happy Birthday.'

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