Mr. Sullivan, thank you for your gifts.

    Walking around today on this, Louis Sullivan's 150th birthday.

    I ducked into his

    to say hello.

    Carson's department store entrance looks like the entryway to a modern middle ages cathedral, doesn’t it?

    The light through those quatrefoil shaped windows above, changed my mood.
    Took me on a trip, at least to France, if not beyond.
    Like the German expression, I felt as comfortable "as G-d in France!"

    I looked through the glass and felt the generations of urbanistic thought filtered through one artist - Louis Sullivan. His French ancestry came through, as did the nature-based spirit of his contemporaries from Transcendentalist New England.

    Blues and yellows penetrated the glass,
    the ornament was alive and curved sinuously, like

    Jane Avril dancing at the Moulin Rouge

    I danced, back outside, to State Street.
    Chicago in the late summer air
    but only along Louis Sullivan's building,

    felt very Parisian. State Street, 'Boulevard de l’Etat'.

    A street musician blew jazz into the air.
    The notes swirled around Louis' facade.

    I gave him a dollar, and asked him to play 'Happy Birthday.'

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