Chicago. Building Butcher to the World.

    The city still doesn't get it. When a Sullivan burns, you don't just tear down the remains.

    You get specialists. They preserve as much as they can of the original. And there's a lot to Wirt Dexter that could be preserved. You restore and then you replace what you must.

    Then you have an interesting city. You have what's important from your past. A part of you, the best part of you, remains.

    If you're into money, you can even make money this way. If we had all 100+ Sullivans that comprise our legacy, and that I believe belong to all Chicagoans, then we'd have a lot more tourists coming to Chicago and spending money.

    But that's not the reason to save them. The reason is because they are the best we can do. Louis Sullivan is the best we can be. We need that role model.

    If you have to call my right to having these preserved a human right, then so be it. Let's add to the list of human rights (already rather corrupt?), beauty, and truth. If that's what it takes to get people to see and to value and to cherish.

    I'll try to come up with a manifesto! Any thoughts?


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