It just got easier to live in a Mies

    Mies' former IBM building is going partly condo!

    Lynn has a nice post on this and how the icon has no landmark protection.

    What ails it is that hunk of a Trump Tower plopped in front of it, with little thought for the welfare of the general population. It's there so a few wealthy people can have fine views east up the river, and so the developer and those associated with him can make $$$.

    Better would have been to give all Chicagoans an exciting and noteworthy view up the river, to see Mies' IBM building. Truly a symbol for the generations.

    Lynn reminds us that,
    "In some ways, the tower is even more classically Mies than the iconic Seagram Building in New York. There's no bustle at the back, just a pure rectangle almost 700 feet tall, sited on a raised plinth that maintains its uniform height even as State Street to its west inclines steeply as it flows down from the level of the bascule bridge crossing the Chicago River."
    Well, we certainly could have made IBM as iconic by simply putting a plaza in front and terracing it down to the river. (Remember what I said about most of Mies' projects having a water component?)

    (Yes, yes, materials are swankier at Seagram. Bronze compared to steel. So what's wrong with good old, honest steel?)

    One more thing. I've heard, from only one, extremely well-connected source, who also happens to be a tenant in the IBM building, (now known as 330 North Wabash!) that Trump's condos are not selling as well as he's trying to get you to believe they are, and so there's a mad dash there to find office tenants.

    We wish you the best of luck Donald.

    The photo above shows the way it should have been. With the view up the river, to the great IBM building. So Mayor Daley, what's wrong with great? I figure, if you can't build great new ones, don't block the great old ones you have.


    Crain's updates the financing for the condo conversion here
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