A bunker into a museum? What's new about that?

    The New York Times reports that in Germany they're going to turn a old grey concrete war bunker into a museum.
    A museum in a bunker? Don't we have that here in Chicago?!

    Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art by Josef Paul Kleihues from Berlin.

    The Times says of the new museum in Germany,
    "Venturing into the labyrinth of dark tunnels is like wandering onto a set for Dr. Strangelove."

    That's what climbing these steps is like!

    Maybe they should emblazon this, from the museum in Germany, on the steps of 'das Chicago Bunker'

    instead of the corporate logos seen above and here.
    -EdvardSource URL: http://ecleticsergio.blogspot.com/2006/11/bunker-into-museum-whats-new-about-that.html
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