Design in this country.

    This is great:
    "WASHINGTON (AP) A groundbreaking ceremony (was held today) for a memorial honoring slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ... The memorial, to be built roughly a half-mile from the Lincoln Memorial, where King gave his historic speech..."

    More here.

    But except for a reference to a sculpture that will be near the entrance, the story does not say what the memorial will look like.

    Who will design it? What would be appropriate?

    Does nobody care? Is only the idea important? Are we living in such a non-visual society?

    We have to live with our eyes open.

    It will matter how it looks.

    By the way - a lot of info on what it will look like, is here. It's designed by Roma Design Group, San Francisco.

    I have a dream that in addition to a society with racial equality, some day we'll all live in a truly beautiful place. I even believe that that would help us live together peacefully!

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