How Now Bruce Mau?
    rumors and innuendo

    Is it true Bruce Mau will move from Toronto to Chicago?

    And/or open a branch here of his Institute Without Boundaries?

    That's the rumor floating around town. That he'll help "Mr. Green Mayor" Mayor Daley to update Daniel Burnham's famed Plan of Chicago for its centennial in 2009.

    A few weeks ago Mau and "Massive Change" - his traveling exhibition now in Chicago on how design can save the world - placed an insert in the local run of the New York Times in which he praised Hizzoner Daley.

    I wondered about it at the time. And I mentioned that the Mayor would give Mau a medal, at a "Global Visionaries Symposium."

    Well, it is true that our Jolly Green Mayor Daley is committed and passionate about sustainability.
    Mr. Mau, come on down!

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