Musing in my Mies (I live in a Mies. And it inspires me.)

    1. I have the choice tonight to see a play or a movie. I think I'll see the movie. Because I'm tired. And theater requires more energy, because it requires a genuine human response, as the actors are there in the room with you.

    Is this why people prefer movies?

    2. Agora, the new sculpture in town with 106 figures has changed the way I look at human crowds, especially when they're walking through parks. After staring at Agora for a long time, now when I see groups of people walking through our parks, they seem to be marching, like the figures of Agora. And they seem cast adrift, like the figures of Agora. And I wonder who is their leader, as we wonder at Agora. So that's a powerful piece, if it can already make me see differently.

    3. When writing of precedents for Agora, I forgot to mention

    Alberto Giocometti (both are his.)

    Remember his figures crossing plazas? ...Source URL:
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