Gehry's "Miss Brooklyn" descending a staircase

    "If all goes according to plan, work will begin within weeks on the $4 billion Atlantic Yards project near Downtown Brooklyn, which won final approval from a state oversight board on Wednesday after three years of furious debate..."
    Isn't Gehry's project for Brooklyn,

    Miss Brooklyn Frank Gehry Atlantic Yards

    Marcel Duchamp Nude Descending a Staircase
    Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase?"

    They call the Gehry building "Miss Brooklyn," and he often says how he's as influenced by art as by architecture. And he did design what is affectionately called "Ginger and Fred" in Prague.

    Frank Gehry Prague Ginger and Fred

    Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers dancing

    Gehry says a goal of his is get movement into architecture, but being a modernist he must do so without using ornament. Duchamp's "Nude descending..." depicts movement; being nude she is also without ornament.

    Which reminds me of the house Adolph Loos designed for dancer Josephine Baker. But that's another story.
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