Architecture as the Experience of Time

    "This competition is an invitation to design the experience of time through architecture. At a fundamental level, to design the transformation of an existing building means to confront the existence of architecture in time. Built over sixty years ago, the Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum and Library undeniably belongs to a “different” time. How is this “other” time relevant to “our” time?"
    You mean layering, as cities around the world have done for years?

    We talk about preservation here, but this is an interesting new twist, the competition brief says it's,
    "the first to address the emerging field of preservation design.... The challenge is not to adapt the buildings to fit current trends in library and museum design. Rather more ambitiously, it is to discover how the preservation of these extraordinary buildings can provoke a profound rethinking of our current conventions about design. The aim is to envision a new type of library and museum that would be unimaginable without the existing structures."

    And so, we grow. As we age as a civilization, we are forced to layer. Which often brings interesting results.

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