A great play on Frank Lloyd Wright....
    is still waiting to be written.

    Isherwood in the New York Times agrees with me.
    "It’s hard to do much with a play so unrelentingly dour and lacking in either thematic or narrative shape..."
    Kuchwara of AP agrees with me.
    "Richard Nelson's disappointing play, (Frank's Home) which opened Tuesday at off-Broadway's Playwrights Horizons..."
    Winer in Newsday agrees with me.

    "What we do not feel, alas, is more than mildly engaged."

    Remember what I wrote when Frank's Home had its world-premiere? That the script is as flat as a .

    So I continue to wait for a dramatic treatment of the dramatic life of Frank Lloyd Wright. One disappointment in Frank's Home was when Wright gets the telegram that the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo has in fact survived the earthquake, contrary to what he had been told. This moment needed to be a climax, instead it came and went and ruffled little.

    Frank Lloyd Wright! The Opera. It's waiting for you to write it.
    The Price is Wright.
    In the meantime, if you're in Chicago, see the exhibition on FLW's Price Tower in Bartlesville, OK, at the Chicago Architecture Foundation. If you're in Bartlesville, (and don't say, "I would prefer not to") go see the real thing.

    The exhibition is revelatory. In addition to drawings for Price Tower and some original furniture, it features some large scale drawings of "The Golden Beacon" that Wright planned for Chicago.

    But what really adds zip is the design for the installation of this show in the atrium lobby of the Santa Fe building (1904, D.H. Burnham & Co.) It comes to us from the office of Zaha Hadid. She has designed an addition to Price Tower, which is now an Arts Center. It's good to see 'Zaha' in Chicago. Her dynamic shapes energize the historic Santa Fe lobby.

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