Me, Me, Me, Me, Mies

    Myron on Mies and marketing: (from Myron Goldsmith's oral history)
    Mies was not one to seek publicity, to approach anybody aggressively. I’m sure he turned down a lot of things that he did not consider worthy. There was not the kind of aggressive publicity-seeking that you have now (1986) of architects wheeling and dealing. The word marketing, which has become such a well-used word in the architectural profession didn’t apply then.

    He had this idea, and I think he instilled it in everything, that it was terribly important that everything that was being done was to be done in the best way, the most serious way and the most professional way. I think in all his public dealings, in a speech to, say, the faculty wives, he would spend weeks on it because he was making a statement. I think if he wrote a letter, other than a routine letter, it was very well thought out.

    You can see that to a man who thinks like that, that architecture is a kind of holy profession, that he’s the heir to the medieval builders where even a statue at the top of the cathedral they would finish as if it were on the ground.
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