Rudolf Stingel at the MCA in Chicago

    Do you like Orange?
    Rudolf Stingel
    at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art;
    later going to the Whitney.

    Stingel covered the main foyer with silvery insulation, added a gaudy chandelier and a cornice on top to make the room more classically proportioned.

    It's amazing how this kunsthalle can change its atmosphere so thoroughly. It makes it thrilling to return often. With each incarnation you layer the memories in your mind; and your relationship to the space deepens. As when you watch a child grow through phases.

    In the first gallery on the left,

    enter - a 'color field' room.

    You might think you don't like orange carpet, but this room warms the heart, feels very still and quiet and comfortable. People will lie down in here and calmness will reign!

    It's nice to see a room not filled with 'things'. Especially in a museum.

    On those walls covered with

    shiny metallic film

    people are invited to scrawl,

    This began unintentionally at a previous Stingel show elsewhere. But is this the first time museum goers embed objects in a Stingel wall?

    The least successful room holds a very large and very foreshortened self-portrait.

    If you still think you don't like orange, there's another gallery with a white carpet. This one is on the wall. And people write in it with their finger.

    Reminded me somehow of a wall in Jerusalem. People put notes in that too. But would that make this religious somehow? Well, it is. See the next two posts. And all good art is.

    And that orange, it's like a beautiful g-dgiven sunset.Source URL:
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