Why I like Scotland

    I want to walk on this Edinburgh street. See the modern work to the right of the stairs?

    It's the Scottish Storytelling Centre by Malcolm Fraser. And surprise! Inside it, you find this:

    "the natural world of the Storytelling Garden through the big window to the rear"

    I even like just the names of his projects: Dance Base, Dance City, Water of Leith visitor center
    and The Scottish Poetry Library

    "The Library is built to express joy and optimism in the future of poetry within our culture: an engine for cultural renewal rather than a dry container for historical document. This is made manifest in a building which snuggles back into history, both literally (the historic walls to the north and east) and metaphorically (the rich cultural resource of Scottish poetry) while opening up towards the south-facing close and courtyard reading area, with the sun and Salisbury Crags behind."

    Click on the image to enlarge it, and bask in the combination of materials. And now we learn [via] that Malcolm Fraser is designing in Glasgow, a new home for Scottish Ballet.

    See you there,
    -ESource URL: http://ecleticsergio.blogspot.com/2007/01/why-i-like-scotland-i-want-to-walk-on.html
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