You sexy architect you !

    Got this in the mail today. sends this card to the media, no doubt for Valentine's Day. They say their studies show that for women the top five sexiest professions are

    1. Athlete
    2. Fireman
    3. Doctor
    4. Architect
    5. Model

    I knew I should have been an athlete.

    67% of women think architects are sexy! And 89% of women think architects are "dateable"! Only 68% of men want to date an architect.

    What do men really want? Acc. to FastLife men find the following sexy:
    1. Model
    2. Dancer
    3. Flight Attendant
    4. Athlete
    5. Musician

    Hm, dunno about that. But tell your spouse/partner, in case he/she, doesn't know/forgot, just how sexy architects are.

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