Chicago - Toronto

    Maybe Bruce Mau heard this four part Canadian Broadcasting Corporation series.

    Lessons from Chicago

    "Chicago and Toronto are, in many ways, remarkably similar. These two cities on the Great Lakes were once industrial powerhouses, and are now trying to find their place in the modern economy. Toronto's Mayor David Miller and Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley have even become friends, visiting each other's cities in recent years.

    Both cities are facing huge waves of immigration, downtown condo booms, urban sprawl, and crumbling infrastructure.

    In Toronto, City Hall struggles financially to improve everything from public parks to the waterfront. As a result, those spaces sit idle, or deteriorate.

    Chicago is different. A history of protecting the waterfront and encouraging public art has led Chicago to think of innovative ways to improve its public space."

    One installment is called "The Trump Effect."
    He's currently constructing a 92-storey luxury condominium in downtown Chicago. He's also proposing an equally ambitious 70-storey tower for downtown Toronto. And Trump wants his condos to command top dollar. In both cities, some of Trump's condos are selling for more than $1,000 per square foot. These are prices previously unheard of.

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