Calatrava / Chicago Spire developer won't talk $.

    After today's public meeting with precious little hard information, developer Garrett Kelleher walked off in a huff when asked how much the Chicago Spire will cost to build and how much he will have to charge people to live in it. We got no answers from him on that. Today's meeting revealed not much more than the one two weeks ago.

    Again Calatrava talked mainly about the public plaza at the base of the building, also about how slender the tower will be, how this is made possible by advancements in engineering and thus his building fits in the great Chicago tradition of furthering skyscraper technology. He calls it an "heroic" building, like the great John Hancock here. And he's right. And we haven't had many of those here since the Hancock and the Sears Towers.

    We did see a model, that was new.

    And Blair gets a copy of the animated "fly-around" we saw. Check it out, and his story here. Calatrava asked that we understand it was made in just four days.

    Ths shape and the twist have been refined, but they will be refined again. Where once there was to have been a bright beacon shining straight up into the sky from the top, now we'll get, "just a light every so often," Mr. Kelleher told me. And he still says "Anglo-Irish Bank is fully committed to this project," but won't provide details.
    Mainly we got to hear that inspiring, cultured, humanist and romantic talk from the architect. With little new information, enjoy the new pictures.

    I love how Santiago Calatrava just happens to leave his props around, the props he uses to explain the inspiration for his building. Don't the photographers love it!

    We have another meeting with Calatrava and Kelleher tonight. Stay tuned.

    Update: Words and pix coming soon. Calatrava even drew for us. Ladies shoes - high heels. He compared how his building meets the ground to ladies shoes! I'll post those soon.
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