I've been running around like a

    so I haven't been able to post, but soon....

    1. Steel and Glass Your A$#? We'll take you inside Helmut Jahn's modernist housing for the homeless or disabled. (With pictures.) "It looks like a lopsided Metra train!" said resident, nevertheless grateful to be there.

    2. The Ice Looks Nice But The Drive Don't Jive.... We'll show you frozen Lake Michigan and Lake Shore drive from the next to top floor of another modernist wonder, Mies van der Rohe's 880 N. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

    And maybe I'll post,
    3. Trump Stump a Lump? More on Trump Tower Chicago. It's architect Adrian Smith is scheduled to be my guest on my radio show Hello Beautiful! this week.

    And I did post a link to
    and other c-c-c-crazy "Impossible Objects" over at Coudal Partners, where I'm guest editing "Fresh Signals" this month.

    See you there and here with more soon,
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