Kudos Coudal!

    Welcome, if you're joining us via the great Coudal Partners
    a fine site if you're interested in... well, just about anything at all.
    This month I'm their "Fresh Signals Guest Editor" - a fresh, signal honor.

    I already put up my first post there. Asking whether homeless people, when they dream of a house, do they dream of exposed concrete, corrugated steel and floor to ceiling glass?. That's what they've been given. It's beautiful, and I'm sure its starchitect status helped get it built in a gentrifying area, but is Helmut Jahn's Modernism the best solution for the mentally ill, disabled and homeless? We'll let you judge. Visit Coudal and follow my links to the story.

    - E.Source URL: http://ecleticsergio.blogspot.com/2007/03/kudos-coudal-welcome-if-youre-joining.html
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