The ugliest building you'll ever see on this site!

    Only so we can talk about ---
    Five buildings that could be movies.

    This is Thomas Kinkade's painting, "The Christmas Cottage."
    (How horrid!)

    The painting is being made into a movie.

    This inspired Tyler Green to think about five good paintings that could be movies,
    and he blogged about it on his fine site. Tyler also links to others who chose five.

    So now I'm interested in "Five buildings that could be movies."

    What do you think?

    One on my list would be by Frank Lloyd Wright (his work is very cinematic), Fallingwater? Unity Temple?

    Another would be the New National Gallery by Mies. Each pane of glass at ground level looks like a film frame. Just watch someone walk around them. It's a movie. And give it an Oscar for best lighting! Of course the sound isn't great, with those large parallel walls of glass. Mies is said to have said, "If it's good sound you want, go to Philharmonie" (The concert hall by Hans Scharoun just down the street. (1.)

    But it's late now, and I have to prepare for my interview for this year's Pritzker Prize laureate - to be announced Wednesday - so right now I can't choose my "Five buildings that could be movies."

    How about you, which would you cite?
    Help me out here.


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