Bruce Mau moving with his family to Chicago (?)

    Is that why he's smiling? Is the Canadian designer, big thinker, innovator, on his way? I missed the Daley Urban Forum, I'm out of town, but according to Gaper's Block,

    "At yesterday's Daley Urban Forum, Bruce Mau, the designer/futurist behind the MCA's recent "Massive Change" exhibit, confirmed that he's not only going to open an office here, but he's also moving his family down from Toronto. Why? He admires the city's energy and our talent pool."

    I hear that in addition to other work, he's to help Mayor Daley commemorate (and update) Burnham and Bennett's Plan of Chicago, which turns 100 in 2009.

    Jules Guerin from Burnham, Daniel H., and Edward H. Bennett, Plan of Chicago
    The Commercial Club, Chicago MCMIX [1909]

    We previously wrote about Mau here. (scroll down.)

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