Knees-knocking Mies mocking

    Look for more novelties in the New! Improved! lobby of the
    former IBM Building, now 330 North Wabash (changes first revealed here.) It's a great and stately work by modern master Mies; but, according to a source involved in the project, you'll soon see in the lobby:

    Large flat-screen TV's
    "for general entertainment!"

    A new reception desk which will be "clean, simple and geometric with a copper base!"

    And large urn planters with contemporary plantings! and several smaller ones.

    Here are more photos of what's been put in there recently,
    Barcelona chairs, completely bronzed, cushions and all!

    bronzed Mies day beds,

    three put together as one

    As you see, the new items are large and bright - as are the new elevator signs.

    Sheesh. Lynn Becker has a nice take on it here (and on another "upgraded" building.)
    And Lee Bey (the new executive director of the Chicago Central Area Committee) has a fabulous shot of "Donald vs. Mies" here. (Scroll down, all his photos are great.) But doesn't his shot of Trump look Houston?

    And is it that gaudy Trump bronziness that's rubbing off on the designers of the lobby at 330 N. Wabash, the building formerly known as IBM?


    More about this here.
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