Neutra VDL Research House in L.A. opens to tours

    The house will be open to the public without appointment on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, beginning on Saturday February 16th. $10.00 per person.

    And of course, the house is available for film or photo shoots, seminars, conferences, and retreats. Nice. I'd love to. What would I write in there? I ran that experiment once at the Farnsworth House. And brought lots of music, Glenn Gould for example, to listen to. I think they ought to let these monuments to poets and composers.

    The Neutras in LA are knockouts, and this one is in danger!

    $30,000 is needed by October 1, 2008 to cover day-to-day operating expenses and repair costs.

    In 1990 Richard Neutra's wife Dione, left the VDL Research Compound to the Cal Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design. If the College is unable to raise the $30,000 needed to pay insurance, utilities and upkeep of the Neutra VDL Research Site by October 1, 2008, the building complex is threatened with closure and possible sale to a private party.

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