White people love Architecture and Barcelona Chairs!

    "If you want to fit in with white people you need to learn about I.M. Pei, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, and a whole swath of others. Also, be prepared to say “Bauhaus” a lot....

    Also of note, white people love big books about architecture. So if you need to get one a gift, this always goes over well because it makes them feel smart without having to read too much."

    ....Modern Furniture:

    "If they are able to acquire this, they will forever refer to it only by the designers name. “I spend hours in the van der Rohe, just looking through these beautiful books of his work.”

    Referring to a white person’s expensive chair as a ‘chair’ is considered poor form and will likely result in a loss of trust and/or respect."

    From a site devoted cheekily, tongue-in-cheekily, to "Stuff White People Like." Hilarious.

    Source URL: http://ecleticsergio.blogspot.com/2008/03/white-people-love-architecture-and.html
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