Poetry and Architecture

    Me, I'm a minimalist.
    And I've always liked the spare poetry of Kay Ryan.
    Today she was named the 16th Poet Laureate of
    the United States.
    Congratulations Kay Ryan.

    A poem of hers, reminds me of a place I like.
    Shark's Teeth
    Everything contains some
    Silence. Noise gets
    Its zest from the
    Small shark's tooth-
    Shaped fragments
    Of rest angled in it. An hour
    Of city holds maybe a minute of these
    Remnants of a time
    When silence reigned, compact and dangerous
    As a shark. Sometimes a bit of a tail
    Or fin can still
    Be sensed in parks.

    Reminds me of this "rhyme"

    Mies' great Farnsworth House, a retreat from the city,
    "compact and dangerous"
    and Damien Hirst's shark.

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