If Barack Obama were a building...

    what building would Barack Obama be?

    I was inspired to ask this after appearing on Frances Anderton's Design and Architecture on KCRW radio to talk about Barack Obama and design. Since, well, you know, this.

    One Beautiful! reader suggested

    Steven Holl Bloch wing addition to the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City
    Steven Holl's addition to the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City.

    I like the comparison. This is contemporary, yet well rooted. Shining forth. Full of culture. Energy efficient. Holds many ideas and is capable of doing many things at once. Works with nature. Very open.

    Another reader suggested something like this


    If so, I hope it's high-speed rail, well-designed infrastructure, plus broadband and alternative energies.

    Would he be
    Louis Sullivan Buffalo New York Guaranty Building
    a Louis Sullivan? Every inch "a proud and soaring thing, rising in sheer exultation" as Sullivan wanted his tall buildings to be? Sullivan, a transplant to Chicago, like Obama, certainly gave us optimism and the highest American democratic ideals. But his late nineteenth-century work came at a time of prosperity; and he wanted his tall buildings "without a single dissenting line." Not sure that's Obama.

    How about

    FLW Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple Oak Park Illinois
    Unity Temple
    Frank Lloyd Wright
    Oak Park, Illinois

    Historic, new, original. A hybrid of two cultures, east and west. Tall, looks outward, radiates energy outward across the land. Radical, yet rooted. Modern yet traditional. Like Sullivan, Wright proclaims Emersonian American ideals. Seems to keep a lot to itself, kind of cool on the outside, a heck of a lot going on in the inside.

    Let's compare Obama to a more contemporary building.

    What building do you think Barack Obama would be?

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    A few months ago, I wrote about Obama and columns.
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