Is Beijing Blazing?

    "Rem in China" - the movie?

    Rem Koolhaas' TVCC - a luxury hotel, theater, recording studios, and a movie theater, next to his CCTV state television headquarters tower in Beijing, burnt today. I was there once and I'm sorry to see it go. So far no loss of life reported. So I can say- the news photo above looks like a movie poster to me. The design was stage-setty. The purpose was built on fantasy. And Rem used to write movie scripts. Such is modern life.

    Aaron Betsky wrote in Rem Koolhaas: The Fire of Manhattanism Inside the Iceberg of Modernism:
    At times, the architect is the most smartly dressed avatar of urban chic, dashing from meeting to drawing table to building site to somehow arrange for the appearance of structures. As he is portrayed in Hollywood movies and television series, what he produces is usually not important, unless disaster strikes.
    Rem Koolhaas and several of his contemporaries has added... : the architect as the conscious collector, manipulator and projector of images.
    Rem Koolhaas has used the image of architecture to produce a convincing architecture of image.

    And now, what was supposed to be, exists only in images

    If you examine the drawing closely, it even looks like a filmstrip.

    And it exists in fantasy videos

    Will they rebuild? Will Koolhaas and OMA change the design? Whatever Rem wanted to say a year ago, must be vastly different now. The world is new again, since he last told us how it was new then.

    Remember, Koolhaas' Prada store in New York also burnt, a few years ago. The New York Times story on the rebuild led with,
    An architect once told me a story that illustrated the futility and impermanence of all grandly conceived construction projects.
    Rem has long told us that China offers him more! amazing! opportunities! I want to the see the sequel to Rem's Beijing Adventure.
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