More public transit in Los Angeles, coming soon

    As I was going down Alameda Street in Los Angeles the other day, after a rare rain...
    I spied what looked like giant mushrooms
    springing up.

    These are sunshades at a transit station on a new light rail line set to open this summer. The Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension project.
    From Six miles of tracks to extend the Metro Gold Line from Union Station to Pomona and Atlantic... The communities of Little Tokyo/Arts District, Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles will be connected by rail to Long Beach, Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena and more!
    I like these stations, possible in an agreeable climate such as the paradise of Los Angeles.
    I'm wondering if similar stations will open in Japan. These remind me of

    Christo's The Umbrellas, Joint Project for Japan and USA of 1994.

    The umbrellas I saw are for L.A.'s station called Little Tokyo.

    Let's put our top designers to work on America's infrastructure.

    Contrary to myth, L.A. has plenty of public transportation and is constructing more.


    Umbrellas photo: Wolfgang Volz ©1991 ChristoSource URL:
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