Images of the new L.A. High School haunt me.

    I keep writing about it. And still it makes me think.

    The Central Los Angeles Area High School #9, due to open this fall, designed by Wolf Prix and Coop Himmelb(l)au, with carefully arranged circles, triangles, and squares whispers to me, "Wassily Kandinsky."

    Wassily Kandinsky- Composition VIII - 1923
    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - New York

    Sure, both have the spiral, the basic geometrical expression, both artists make visible the structure, usually invisible, that underlies their composition. See it in there?

    This represents an underlying structure of the universe.

    Kandinsky's abstractions follow intense inquiry into theory, as do the abstractions of architect Wolf Prix. Kandinsky followed H.P. Blavatsky's (1831-1891) Theosophy, which holds that all things are put together from basic building blocks; and that circles, triangles and squares express the origins of creation and creativity. To explore the origins of creativity is appropriate here, at this public high school for the arts.

    The architecture even reminds me even of Kandinsky's earlier, less abstract work, such as his seminal Der Blaue Reiter of 1903

    This painting and the tower portray forward motion in a similar manner. Both the rider and the tower seem interrupted at a point in their movement that is unusual, that you don't normally see. Both images recall what is familiar and yet are unknown. They act, as great art often does, as messengers from the future. To make either image understandable, the viewer is responsible to add in whatever is missing. This encourages creativity, action and personal responsibility.

    Architecture sets an example at the high school for the arts.

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