This is not the Farnsworth House

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    Supposedly these images were created completely with computer graphics; with no photography at all. If so they're some of the most startlingly real I've ever seen. Why do we think this is less real than a photograph? Are they more "real" than drawings? The tree he has made, so important to the Farnsworth House, looks more like the Sugar Maple Mies saw there and designed for, than the poor thing now looks decades later. It's interesting to me that he made an image of a flooded Farnsworth House. "Flooded" is now part of its iconography; a state of its being. It wasn't supposed to be, I think.

    Copyright (C) Alessandro Prodan, of Italy, who says,
    I started this reproduction to challenge my limits and my preconceptions, I spent several time studying botany and techniques to represent it, light and composition. I'm really happy to see it finished. Rendered in maya using Mental Ray, all plants and vegetation are poly Paint Effects. I hope you appreciate it.

    I do.

    Did I just marry the Farnsworth House?

    Ceci n'est pas la Maison Farnsworth

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