Chicago - the restless city

    Up. Trump Tower looks good, if a little overscaled, on a blue sky, cottony clouds day, from a bus crossing the Michigan Avenue bridge.

    Down? Prentice Women's Hospital, by Bertrand Goldberg. Now that the building in front of it has come down, you can really see its originality and genius.

    I doubt this fine urban work, which is threatened with demolition, will survive to enjoy many more of these heavenly Spring days.
    Changes? The classic entrance to the Art Institute, from Michigan Avenue.

    I love how this building stands proudly, facing the commercial district, promising to uplift you if you'll enter. Will this still be the main entrance that most people use when the new Modern Wing opens in a week? How will the new entrance affect the balance of the place?

    On days like this, everything looks good in Chicago, the restless city.
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