A new bus stop - from MIT

    EYEstop, developed by MIT's SENSEable City Lab. More info here.

    Looks pretty nice, a lot of good work went into this.
    It aims to enrich the city with state of the art sensing technologies, interactive services, community information and entertainment. The project is partially covered with touch-sensitive e-ink and screens, so that it can deliver information seamlessly.

    I like that it's not retro-style, but embraces the present. Yet I wonder if it'd be cheaper to give everyone an iPod Touch? My more pressing question is this: When I stand at U.S. city bus stops, on our urban streets that are mainly maximized for automobile traffic, the wait is long and I stand there looking at, listening to and breathing fumes from thousands of autos, buses, motorcycles, etc.

    So why doesn't a bus stop have a plate of glass between the person waiting and the street?

    Take the back of the shelter, which separates it from the sidewalk, and use it to protect the person waiting from- the street. Anyone know why this isn't done?
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