Lighting Crown Hall - film

    Jim Coudal of daily must read - and his pal, the esteemed Steve Delahoyde, put together a fine film of last week's lighting of Crown Hall by artist Jan Tichy and his students.

    Watch their film, here.

    It makes sense they'd be there - (they said the same to me.) Coudal runs the MoOM - the Museum of Online Museums, whose spiritual home is, Crown Hall.

    That event, after a day of rain, brought people together,

    'Twas one of the most peaceful and yet intriguing evenings I've ever spent in Chicago.

    I did see Crown Hall in a new light.

    The project reminded me of the great series of art installations at Berlin's New National Gallery, also by Mies and of which Crown Hall is the prototype. My best photos of the evenings were the ones I took when I was with the artists inside the building.

    After you've watched Delahoyde and Coudal's film of the event, watch mine of artist Jan Tichy. Tichy got to spend two weeks in this space preparing the event. So I asked him, "What is the genius of Crown Hall?"

    If you missed the event you missed a lot; to avoid that in the future consider joining the Mies van der Rohe Society. They co-sponsored "Lighting Crown Hall" and membership means you'll know of other upcoming events. Do it for Mies, do it for me; I'm the co-chair.
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