Hello Beavtifvl Art Institvte of Chicago

    You see the new clear sign from Renzo Piano and design firm Pentagram from Monroe Street.

    Atop the glass, above the bridge that shoots over from Millennium Park; as you ascend, above you, on your left, before you enter:

    Like this.

    Vsing the old to make new. That's what the "v" does, that's what the Modern Wing does.

    With the major new wing, the AIC thought it a good time to rebrand. They hired the design firm Pentagram.

    Remember, Art Institute of Chicago director Jim Cuno wrote, “Who Owns Antiquity?” He is interested in the old, as much as the new. He lauds merging cultures and epochs under one roof. The AIC does that well.

    The font is Topaz with overtones of Wiener Werkst├Ątte, and especially with the classic Roman "v", well, he owns antiqvity.

    Precedent? On the 1893 Michigan Avenue facade you will also find the word - confusing and then humorous to children - "Institvte."

    What's odd here is that the classic Roman "v" is usually found etched into stone, not glass. But that's what makes this Modern Wing so great - that deeply satisfying combination of classical and modern.
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