Ode on a sugar maple branch

    The line and the proximity of the sugar maple branch were as important to Mies as the placement of the two fingers were to Michelangelo.

    When you're inside the Farnsworth house that branch seems to reach in toward you, to try to touch you and take your hand, to bring you outside with it; almost to turn you into a tree, the way a Greek temple has you become a column.

    I should say the branch seemed to reach out toward you... In another example of how the Farnsworth House tells you the time, shows you the river always flowing, at differing paces, makes you one with the sunrise and sunset, displays the passing seasons in front of you as living tableaux, and, walking up its stairs, makes you aware of the stages of life, once inside, your view pushed outward, you realize we will return to where we came from, a few weeks ago that sugar maple branch fell to earth.


    Farnsworth House photo by Jon Miller, Hedrich Blessing
    Source URL: http://ecleticsergio.blogspot.com/2009/09/ode-on-sugar-maple-branch.html
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