Zen of Mies

    At Ryōan-ji
    the highest expression of the Japanese zen rock garden

    I realize that the grain in the stone

    is the grain in travertine

    Mies travertine Chicago 860 880 Lake Shore drive Apartments
    as on the plaza
    at Mies van der Rohe's 860 - 880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments

    When we restored the plaza
    last year
    we discussed a lot
    whether we could rebuild the plaza out of granite
    more durable in Chicago than Roman travertine
    marble won

    and now I see
    it had to be
    the grain is so important
    like the grain
    at Ryōan-ji

    I thought how nice
    it would be
    if Noguchi
    had collaborated with Mies
    on the plaza

    Noguchi rock garden
    Garden Element Isamu Noguchi, 1962.
    Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden, UCLA
    Bronze (set in aggregate concrete).

    I kept looking

    I realized
    that Mies's plan for IIT

    Mies IIT campus plan Chicago

    on white tabula rasa
    is also like Ryoan-ji.

    In Spring
    allows the cherry blossom in

    borrowed landscape
    like that sugar maple reaching toward the Farnsworth House

    Farnsworth House Mies Hedrich-Blessing photo(PHOTOGRAPHY: Jon Miller, Hedrich Blessing)

    in what must have been a beautiful act
    the branch just came down

    We won't lament what is not there
    what is at Ryōan-ji?

    if it is conceived
    it is there

    Ryōan-ji is the space
    between what you see
    860 880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments vintage photo Chicago860 - 880 Lake Shore Drive apartments

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