The most amazing computer images of the Farnsworth House

    (click any image to enlarge and be really blown away)

    Peter Guthrie is the eye and talent behind these highly manipulated and created-by-computer images. They are fantastic scenes and Guthrie tells you on his website how he created them.

    While I admire these images greatly, I wouldn't want to look at them for very long. "Just say no," these are the Farnsworth House in a mind-altered state. They are pretty images and that is not what Mies was after.
    "I don't want to be interesting. I want to be good." - Mies.
    New! Improved! More color! More nature! These pictures do not let the house speak its essential Platonic language. They alter the light in and around the house by diffusing it; to show Mies's work through rosy colored glasses rather than conveying the intense spirit of the place which does transcend, but more slowly and subtley and partly with melancholy. The higher presence manifest in light is made too Hollywood here. The plain old house has been tarted up, as if moved to Los Angeles. The film could be Waiting for Godot in the Land of Oz.

    The color, the mood, the emotion, add a Romantic element to Mies, a' la

    The Wanderer Above the Mists - Caspar David Friedrich, 1818

    Caspar David Friedrich, which is in the architecture, but subtly stated and experienced.

    I highly recommend you see all thirteen of Peter Guthrie's renderings, in this slide show.

    Or are we being shown the Farnsworth House having flooded for the last time and gone to heaven?


    Previous computer-generated images of the Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois here.

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