Paper Architecture and Cartoons

    Today we joke that Frank Gehry simply crumples up a piece of paper to arrive at his designs.

    Frank Gehry The Simpsons crumpled paper Disney Hall Springfield Concert Hall

    The Simpsons Frank Gehry you're a genius Marge Simpson Springfield Concert Hall

    I love this cartoon from around 1950- Saul Steinberg takes a piece of ledger or graph paper and makes a modern facade...

    Saul Steinberg graph paper architecture

    (click to enlarge)

    Here's another Steinberg from 1954 - Graph Paper Architecture

    Saul Steinberg graph paper architecture

    Saul Steinberg was born in a small town of a few thousand in eastern Romania in 1914; you can imagine how modern that was. He studied architecture in Italy, indeed we lived in the same house there, me decades later.

    Next week I'll post another cartoon by Saul Steinberg poking more fun at modern architecture - no, not his famous New Yorker magazine cover View of the World from 9th Avenue - look for something even more surreal.

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    Third Image - Saul Steinberg in The Architectural Review (UK).
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