Saarinen arch is a rainbow

    This photo by a friend makes me smile.

    St. Louis is French. In French "rainbow" is arc-en-ciel. Arch in the sky. This high arch reflects the colors of the rainbow. With the two dimensionality of the clouds, contrasted with the 3D curve of the arch, one thinks of Magritte. The clouds seem to be going right through the arch, almost as cloud wallpaper. The arch itself in its enigmatic sculptural form is America's Eiffel Tower. Nearly pure, but more; organic, yet technological too.

    It is solid yet changes from solid to light. Not as we do - when we move up to heaven - this turns to light as it approaches earth.

    See in this the abstracted mountain. So abstract it looks two dimensional at times. Similar to how modern painting flattened form and picture plane and allows for multiple views existing at once.

    Here we have the embodiment of the Zen Buddhist (or was it Donovan?) saying,
    "First there is a mountain then there is no mountain then there is."

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