A critics summit: Goldberger, Hawthorne, Kamin, Lifson and Williams Goldhagen on November 5.

    On November 5th at 6 pm in the elegant Murphy Auditorium at 50 East Erie Street in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois I'll moderate:

    We're thrilled to have Paul Goldberger from the New Yorker, Christopher Hawthorne of the Los Angeles Times, Blair Kamin of the Chicago Tribune, and Sarah Williams Goldhagen of The New Republic.

    I'll give you a hint of what we'll talk about but I want you to know that this discussion will be part of two extraordinary conferences in Chicago this week hosted by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, A+DEN the Architecture and Design Education Network and the new AAO, the Association of Architecture Organizations. If you're reading this blog you'll be interested in the work of all of these groups.

    Since we have critics from New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago we'll compare and contrast and get into some friendly competition. Each will begin with a short presentation on a specific current project in their city.

    We'll get their ideas and wishes for how architecture and design can improve city life. And maybe I'll ask them questions such as:

    What lessons are coming to us from other parts of the world, for example Asia and the Middle East?

    What roles will "sustainable design" play in future cities?

    How can we design to make increased density work in our favor?

    How should we spend President Obama’s federal stimulus billions?

    How to improve public transportation?

    How will new technologies, increased mass production, communication and travel affect
    our cities and our sense of place?

    What's the role of "the little move," the small project, eg. the design of a park bench, a streetlight or signage, to improve life in cities?

    Etc. And of course I'll leave time for you to ask questions.

    Join us. It's going to be lively, provocative and fun. Come say hello.
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