Peter Zumthor and "Spider-Man" Tobey Maguire

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    Peter Zumthor

    Not only is the Pritzker Prize winning Swiss architect Peter Zumthor coming up with ideas for a new Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), when we spoke with Peter Zumthor he also told us:
    Well, by chance, Michael (Michael Govan - CEO and director of LACMA) took me to some dinner and there was a lady at the table who said, "You are the favorite architect of an actor friend of mine but he can not reach you, or he doesn't dare to reach you!"
    Peter Zumthor

    Zumthor has had a reputation as a hermit, a recluse, a difficult man. An image he is trying to change.

    Peter Zumthor
    And then Michael Govan- clever guy- he told me, "you can work on our big ten year project...

    On the side you can also do something real which comes true in a shorter period of time."
    Peter Zumthor
    And he told me, 'this is a tradition - that all good architects have designed a home in L.A.! He said 'Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra and others did it and so this will be good for you!'
    And so I accepted to do a home in Westwood for
    Tobey Maguire Spider Man Spiderman Peter Zumthor

    Tobey Maguire Spider Man
    ("Spider-Man") Tobey Maguire!

    I find Mr. Zumthor to be personable and charming - in that Swiss way. I asked him what the Tobey Maguire house might look like and what materials he might use. Zumthor, would only say with a laugh,

    "I have an idea of what to do but I think
    Maguire deserves to be the first to hear it!"

    Is the Pritzker Prize laureate thinking, "'With great power comes great responsibility.' This is my gift, my curse." That's what Spider-Man says.

    Photos of Peter Zumthor at LACMA by Edward Lifson.

    Our interview with Peter Zumthor
    from last April when he received his highly-deserved Pritzker Prize is here.
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