Chicago's Stonehenge and Cosmic Dome


    Pantheon Dome with oculusPantheon

    Borromini Baroque Dome

    constellation Ursa Major

    Garden trellis


    Frank Gehry Pritzker Pavilion trellis Chicago Millennium Park

    Frank Gehry Pritzker Bandshell with trellis aerial view Chicago Millennium Park
    Fumihiko Maki - Nurturing Dreams: (Stonehenge) was a demonstration of community and a place of ceremony.... Standing in the space at Stonehenge, prehistoric man must have felt himself to be, however briefly, a larger human being than at ordinary times, and must have felt pride in belonging to a community....

    The sense that one is a larger human being, if only for a time, is a sign of spiritual exaltation which cannot be evoked merely by the sight of a monument. It is an experience that can be gained only by entering a space. Stonehenge may not have had a roof, but the pillars arranged in a circle and the lintels linking those pillars created a boundary between inside and outside, and a kind of interior space.

    Historically, a space that is large or high or created with a special technology or in a special place uplifts the spirit and forges communal bonds....

    Music and space, during the interval in which they are experienced, provide man with the most primary spiritual joy.

    Frank Gehry Pritzker Bandshell concert with people under trellis Chicago Millennium ParkPritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park
    Chicago, Illinois
    Frank Gehry

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