Frank Gehry, then and now

    If you want to know Frank Gehry back then.  This links to an excellent vintage interview.
    On California:
    FOG I don’t know how long we can still call it a “frontier” in terms of the USA. I don’t think it is as much now anymore that it used to be. It was the beginning of a new world.... When I arrived here in 1947, San Fernando Valley was empty. A lot of cracker boxes, little tiny stick houses, had been put up. I think that is where my own fascination for stick houses comes from.

    On History: 

    My university was just moving away from (the Beaux-Arts) model. We rejected history. We studied Fletcher history. We spent one hour a week on history. Then, after university, I worked for a while and after that I went to Europe in 1960s. And when I arrived in Europe, I was very angry about my training. Because I realized how rich the history of architecture was.... When I saw the cathedral, I was furious with my teachers that they treated that thing in a certain way… Architecture has always been involved with history.
    Hear, hear.

    And if you want to know Frank Gehry now, you can see him speak with his friends.  First this, (via Blair Kamin): Frank Gehry will be interviewed in Chicago at the Harold Washington Library Center on April 6, 2010.  Gehry (looking slightly older than he does above) will be interviewed by Tom Pritzker, long time Frank Gehry friend, and of the Chicago family that endows the Pritzker Architecture Prize and the Chicago Public Library.  This event will probably be in the library's Cindy Pritzker Auditorium, just across the street from the new and rather nice Pritzker Park.  Lucky Chicago, no?

    If you want to preview the shtick (I use the word lovingly) between Frank Gehry and his friend Tom Pritzker, watch them together here.

    Filmed in 2009 at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

    I'm glad Frank Gehry is going to Chicago because he told me not long ago that he had not yet seen how Renzo Piano played off of his Pritzker bandshell in Millennium Park.  Piano's Art Institute addition-- rectilinear, serene and elegant faces Gehry's wild and wavy and light reflecting bandshell.  Gehry's (arching) trellis above the lawn is said to be a canopy for sound and listening.  Piano's signature (flat) roof that transforms and transmits light into the upper galleries is said to be a canopy for light and looking.  I look forward to hearing Gehry's comments on how Renzo Piano "finished" the piazza, the park.  

    And in Frank Gehry's hometown of Santa Monica (L.A) not far from his famous house, at the Santa Monica High School auditorium on March 18th, it's 

    Architecture and Music. 

    Frank Gehry plus cellist Lynn Harrell and the author of


    "Conversations with Frank Gehry," another good and long time friend of his, Barbara Isenberg.  More info here.

    Too bad I leave L.A. the day before.  But I hope to be at the Chicago event.  Dinner tonight on Sawtelle Boulevard with a star from the firm.
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