"Skateboarding on the Picasso is fun!"

    One fine Spring day
    I made my way
    over to Daley Plaza.

    We know folks play on Chicago's Picasso.

    And we know that when Chicago's sport teams do well
    we embarrass the poor thing.

    "Go Blackhawks!" she sheepishly mutters, like any humanized pet, feeling ridiculous, knowing she has her own value, greater than the message she is made to send, and just wishing to be herself.

    I saw a kid wait for the tourists to leave the baboon's inclined base.
    Then he ran up one side as high as he could easily go,

    threw down his skateboard, and jumped on to ride it down.

    Over and over and over again.

    Is this the best place in the city to skateboard? It is sunny; and open, and modernist plazas can resonate with youth angst and alienation.

    He and his friend rode the wave of art.

    I asked him what it's like to skateboard on the Picasso.
    "Skateboarding is art too!" he said.

    Yes, they left marks.

    They were glad to. "Sentimental value" one kid pretended.

    In the end I was convinced. Let people enjoy it, touch it, be one with it. It's good for them to be around Picasso's imagination. When necessary, we'll make a copy to put in the plaza, like the Florentines did with David. (Don't skateboard on him.) Or we can just remember how much people at one time loved this one.

    She remains proud. And as much a mystery to us as we must be to her. She looks at you and asks you questions. Ask any baboon, she's asking you about your essence. About primal urges too. Such a piece would be either pondered or destroyed.

    We too often tend to distrust and destroy what is greater than us, rather than use it to improve our individual and collective selves.


    What do you think, should skateboarding be allowed on the Picasso?
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