SANAA receives Pritzker today

    On my way to New York to see Sejima and Nishizawa of SANAA. Thought I'd stop in Toledo, Ohio to see again their astounding Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art. Though it's open until 10 pm on Fridays (nice!) I waited until later, when no one was there. Since it's glass, and lit at night, and I'd already been inside, this worked well. Because it was so quiet. And I was alone.

    In quiet is the way to see a building. No words. Listen. Don't talk. Listen.

    I felt the great mystery of the place. A modern sphinx. At the front door, the left is transparent and behind that translucent glass. Formed in curving shapes of we know not what. The right is transparent, with a sheer curtain that spirals around creating other states of see-through. And in the center you just see clear through.

    Is this a building, this space wrapped in glass? What is a building? What is a wall, a door, a roof? What is solid? Indoor/outdoor? What of what you see is really there, and what isn't?

    My question for the architects would/will be, why doesn't this "float" a bit, off the ground, raised up, to be more ethereal?

    What I loved, and had never seen during day visits, were the shadows of the surrounding trees on the building. Trees and architecture. All architecture- even glass architecture- comes from trees, and competes and cooperates with them.


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