From the Getty Tomb to the Getty Center. Archi-road trip. 2,000 miles plus from Chicago to L.A.

    A plaque in front of Louis Sullivan's Getty Tomb in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago says modern architecture in America starts here.  Thus it's a fitting place to begin my archi-drive west, to see great buildings along the way.  Destination - a city of the future -  Los Angeles.  Where the continent ends in a wash of golden light.  This tomb too says sunset.

    Graceland looks great today, having recently had its landscape sensitively restored.  The administration buildings also sing delightful prairie songs to me as they too have been restored.  They feel like the turn of the century and early twentieth century wooden buildings you find in America's national parks.  I wonder if the toll booths and other public buildings I am about to encounter along Midwestern roads will be as humane and appropriate to their sites as these little "cabins" in Graceland.  

    I always regret leaving Chicago and as usual I delay my inevitable departure.  This time, in addition to not having seen you,  I wish I had seen Louis Sullivan's Idea, the exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center.  It must be illuminating as it was conceived and designed by the incomparable duo of Tim Samuelson and Chris Ware.  I promise myself to return to Chicago before the exhibition closes.

    Next stop... ?
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