6pm tonight! Chicago Debates - The Malling of Chicago. See you there.

    A new and lively series of debates on what makes a great city and region.

    From the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

    Our first great debate will be:

    click for better view

    I'll moderate an opinionated panel of experts.  Pro and Con.

    We'll debate three important projects changing, improving, destroying, remains to be seen - tell us your thoughts - on the "malling" of neighborhood life in Chicago.

    Audience participation is encouraged.  At the live event, and on the website.

    All the information you need to participate is right here.  Don't wait. Do it now.

    We'll debate one project on the North Side, one on the South Side, and one downtown.  Our terrific panelists are: 

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    The Malling of Chicago - Good or Bad? 

    Chicago defined the "City of the Century" in the Twentieth Century. But is Chicago becoming the "Suburb of the Century" in the Twenty-First? 
     Are big-box retailers eating up our neighborhoods? Or are they the perfect solution to the problem of food deserts and widespread unemployment?  
    Is the land of Sullivan and Wright becoming generic Anyplace, USA?  
    Or do mixed-use developments replace historic buildings that no longer serve their purpose, ultimately enlivening the neighborhood by providing much-needed amenities?  
    Are we becoming less of a city in which to stroll? Or do the adjoining green spaces planned for many mixed-use developments make Chicago, in fact, more walkable?
    Join leading voices from architecture, design, business and politics at Goose Island Wrigleyville as they debate the pros and cons of mixed-use development and big-box stores in the city of Chicago. 
    If you care about our city, be a part of the debate.  If you care about the quality of life here, be a part of the debate.  For no-holds barred, real, thoughtful, lively, solution-oriented conversations, be a part of the debate.

    We may be losing our Mayor, but we'll maintain the mojo.  Be a part of the debate.
    Chicago Debates.   
    I hope to see you there, 

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