Buildings are not Christmas trees, they should not be decorated for Christmas?!?

    Jon Miller, president of the storied Chicago architectural photography firm Hedrich Blessing, loves Chicago's John Hancock Center.  He likes the horizontal white light that for most of the year tops off the building as it meets the sky.  But around this time, when they change the light to red and green for Christmas, it kinda drives Jon nuts.


    "I just wish they wouldn't change the colors, on top, that's all.  I want to make sure I become public with that, because, I don't think that buildings are not Christmas trees.  I think they're buildings; and you don't change the colors seasonally.  It just seems very backwards to me.  You know, that you would take such an international sophisticated piece of design, and then do something so kind of cleverly silly.  I don't know, maybe I just take it too seriously.  But I don't like things that change the way a designer intended something to be. Cuz it's kind of like, well, it goes "Duh, duh, duh, duh" (sounds out the opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.)  Not "duh Duh duh duh" (alters the opening bars.)  Right?  But that's just me.  That's just my Larry David side coming out."    - Jon Miller 

    Is he being curmudgeonly like Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

    Do you agree with Jon, or do you like when they light the John Hancock Center in Chicago and other great buildings with red and green for Christmas?


    I spoke with Jon Miller as part of a project with the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

    We're gathering stories of life and work in the John Hancock Center in Chicago.  If you can tell a great story about Chicago's John Hancock Center, please get in touch.

    So, just for Jon and the season, we put new koi in our pond on the upper right. They're red and green.  Like the parking ramp at Trump Tower Chicago:

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